THE COMEDY OF ERRORS, Boomerang Theatre Company, NYC:

....strongest performances come from Jon Dykstra and Steven Beckingham as the Dromios of Ephesus and Syracuse, respectively....their performances are vocally and physically distinctive from one another. Their scenes are the highlights of the production.
 - Shari Perkins, OFF-OFF ONLINE, NYC 

YING TONG: A WALK WITH THE GOONS, The Wilma Theatre, Philly:

And I can think of only a handful of actors in town who could handle the demands of the Peter Sellers role as exquisitely as Beckingham does. The part requires seamless shifts between nearly a dozen voices, combined with the gravitas to convince us (through the “Winter of our Discontent” speech from Richard III) that Sellers could go on to greater dramatic success in the films Dr. Strangelove and Lolita. Beckingham’s performance raises the bar on comedic acting in this town for years to come.

THE SETTLING DUST, Union Theatre, London:

Ruben Crow play the US cameraman on mission to rouse his buddy, the superb Steven Beckingham back into the role of investigative reporter. One could easily see this couple at their desks and the two actors effortlessly paint a history of life-long friendship behind their characters.
  - Paul Vale, THE STAGE, LONDON